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Brian Meehan is a serial entrepreneur, dreamer and visionary who is behind the rapid rise of Knocking, a content and commerce company for television, radio, streaming, digital and social.

He is changing the way people shop, bringing highly curated content to trusted media partners to bring their viewers, as he says, “Real deals and real exclusives,” via online shopping.

Meehan is best known for creating Local Steals and Deals with host Lisa Robertson, the world’s first in-news content commerce segment. He also has created and launched America’s Steals and Deals with Genevieve Gorder.

These shopping commerce segments are aired on local television stations, within the news, across the United States seven days a week.

Meehan is also the creator of Radio Steals and Deals, the first ever highly curated site that allows radio stations to give their listeners the hottest, newest, and coolest products available.

His passion to find, create, and help brands comes from his early days of building his own products from scratch. As a 12 year old kid he even built a 10 foot wooden boat with scrap wood and chaulk, and yes, it floated for several years. He is always willing to hear about any brand, idea or product, no matter how big or small, with an open mind. His compassion and genuine interest in entrepreneurs and their dreams, joined with his desire to bring consumers useful and innovative products is what sets him apart.

Early Life

Brian Meehan was born on April 18, 1973 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and grew up playing basketball from the age of five. He was good enough to land on the #6 ranked high school basketball team in the country, which taught him the drive, passion and hard work necessary to succeed in life, while never giving up no matter how difficult the odds. It also taught him how to be a leader, while motivating and inspiring his team.

His grandfather was a police officer, firefighter, lawyer and judge, who emigrated from Ireland. His grandmother grew up very poor but was always full of life. She often took him, his brothers and cousins riding on cardboard sleds in the tall grass down the side of the highway. She taught him to live life and love life —no matter where you are or what you have. His dad and two brothers are lawyers which taught him to fight for what he believes in and build your own case to win.

Baby Brian Meehan
Young Brian Meehan
Brian Meehan playing basketball
Time Mug patent

College & Early Career

Brian played division III Basketball and took his team to the NCAA DIII tournament all four years. Out of college he was recruited to play professional basketball in China. He considered accepting, but fate intervened. He had sent a T-shirt idea to New York Yankees announcer John Sterling. Based on one of Sterling’s famous game ending quotes, it was simple but beloved by Yankee fans.

“Yankees Win…Theeeeeeee Yankees Winnnn!” Sterling loved it and so did management and they began selling it at the Yankee Stadium gift store. That was all it took. Meehan turned down the basketball opportunity and never looked back.

He went on to create the “TimeMug” on which he received a US Patent. A stainless steel mug with a timepiece embedded in the side, the cap could unscrewed and the time could be changed. This product took off for Meehan, selling across the country in Target, Sharper Image, Costco, Neiman Marcus, and several other retailers. He even took it on QVC in the early 2000’s, giving him his first taste of selling products on television.

In 2007 he fell in love with the magic of the iPhone. Steve Jobs had been Meehan’s life long idol. Becoming a true Apple fan boy as soon as the first iPhone was released, he built the first ever live video for the iPhone called the “Knocking Live Video”. Unfortunately the Apple App Store rejected it. But Meehan was determined, and he wrote an impassioned email to Steve Jobs. Except he didn’t know Jobs’ email address. Undeterred, he sent hundreds of combinations of Steve’s name to apple.com (S.jobs@, Steve.jobs@, Steve@, etc. —you get the point). It worked and Steve loved the idea and approved the app.

It was a smash hit with 1 million downloads in its debut, and was featured in every tech and media publication, as it was the world’s first live video app for the iPhone. The app reached 3.5 million users and had 25 million live video streams, becoming a top 10 social media app of 2010.

Brian Meehan

After signing Justin Bieber and several celebrities to Knocking, the app was ready to launch its next iteration “Knocking One”. The concept was simple —celebrities send a “knock” to millions of fans to see a 30 second live video showing inside looks at their lives. This was before instagram, Snapchat or any of the other social video platforms that exist today. Meehan completely trailblazed live video and was way ahead of his time. Unfortunately, the phone networks were not ready to handle the millions of users wanting to use the app, and Knocking Live Video was unable to survive.

Resolute even after this disappointment, weeks later Meehan found himself in the just emerging TV flash sale arena. When Jill’s Steals and Deals of The Today Show, one of the first of the new flash sale shopping models, wanted to feature his then wife’s jewelry brand, he immediately sensed opportunity. At that time high volume e-commerce for small businesses was not so easy. Recognizing The Today Show’s ability to reach millions of viewers, he used his relationship with Shopify to build a microsite with the goal to handle a high volume sale. With features to handle the crush of literally millions of viewers rushing to their computers to buy what they had just seen on television, La Soula Jewelry debuted on Today Show in November 2012, and in just four hours sold over $300,000 in jewelry, catapulting him into the next phase of his career.

Back in 2006 Meehan had first became aware of what was then called Jaded Pixel, later rebranded as Shopify, and he took interest in its innovative and easy to use e-commerce solutions. He quickly formed great relationships with the founders and those relationships were key to his transforming the flash sale landscape after that Today Show debut in 2012.

Founded in 2005, Jaded Pixel provides businesses with easy to use e-commerce solutions. Jaded Pixel is taking the challenge out of setting up and managing e-commerce storefronts so retailers can focus on their businesses, not their websites.

Feeling exhilarated after his successful first flash experience, Meehan became inspired to help other brands who often crashed on other e-commerce platforms during their fast moving sales. Brian called Harley Finklestein, the COO of Shopify, and worked with him and Shopify on thousands of these flash microsites. Harley told him, “We will put a special white glove flash team in place to make sure your sites never CRASH!”

Meehan lost sleep every night, even with Harley’s promise, but the collaboration with Shopify proved to be a tremendously successful venture, paving the way for Meehan to build thousands of microsites for the Today Show, Good Morning America and The View’s View Your Deal. Handling hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions, he managed some of the fastest moving sales in the country, at times processing over 3000+ orders per minute.

But this was just the start of content and commerce for Meehan. He had a much bigger vision that went way beyond microsites and flash sales that were over in 24-48 hours.

He believed that content and commerce, joining forces via a consumer’s trusted source, was the magic formula needed to access his vision of “real deals and real exclusives.” And he firmly believed that the most trusted source was local news.

At the office
Brian Meehan working
Brian Meehan at HLN Deals
Brian Meehan and Markus Reinmund

In 2017 he met Markus Reinmund, a brilliant business and math mind who teamed up with Meehan to revolutionize television e-commerce. That same year they launched HLN Deals with Robin Meade on Headline News, creating a new way for broadcasters to bring their viewers special offers. This was truly groundbreaking, and allowed them to take Knocking to a whole new level.

They went on in 2019 to launch Local Steals and Deals, the first ever commerce and content offering on Cox Media Group’s local television stations featuring host Lisa Robertson. This was the first show created for local television, featuring 1-2 minute branded segments, providing local viewers across the United States with access to new, emerging, innovative and well known brands.

In 2020 Knocking debuted America’s Steals and Deals, hosted by Genevieve Gorder, partnering with hundreds more local stations, bringing viewers deals and exclusive offers —including the best in home security, cleaning and sanitizing products and health and beauty categories.

The two shows were launched at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic with neither Meehan or Reinmund knowing if the model would succeed or fail. However, they were no strangers to rolling the dice, and went out 100% with the venture, having faith that their vision would prevail. Soon after, stay at home orders were implemented and brick and mortar stores closed. Online shopping immediately soared from 15% to 25% of retail in just two months as the entire country was stuck at home, with lots of time to shop online. Local television enjoyed historical viewership numbers and Knocking took off like a rocket ship.

The industry took notice, with Multi-Channel News featuring an article entitled, “Home Shopping’s Second Act”. “The stay-at-home orders are producing a seismic shift in the way consumers shop”, said Brian Meehan, co-founder and chief operating officer of Knocking, a content creation and commerce company that works with media partners like Univision Communications, Cox Media Group and Sinclair Broadcast Group on their e-commerce efforts. “Every day is now Cyber Monday, and every day is bigger than the last”.

In 2020 Meehan launched Radio Steals and Deals for radio stations, debuting with legendary talent Rick Dees. Upcoming shows in the works include Weather Steals and Deals, curated with brands and products with a weather slant.

Meehan’s vision to build Steals and Deals as a brand across all media has forever changed the e-commerce industry, driving new revenue to media companies through local news, while providing viewers with true and real value via their trusted news sources. Stay tuned as Brian Meehan expands Steals and Deals across the country!

Brian Meehan and Markus Reinmund
Brian Meehan, Markus Reinmund and Stefan Dippl


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